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GM Direct - Your One Stop Solution for Print and Mail Projects.

About Us

GM Direct has specialized in direct mail and commercial printing since 1986. Known to the community as the “local company with worldwide reach”, our mission is to provide innovative, cost effective marketing solutions that enable our clients to acquire new customers, but more importantly, retain their existing customer base.

As well as being members of the Fort Worth Postal Customer Council, the GM Direct family has established a solid reputation for versatility and quick response that has proven to be unbeatable. Whether a large corporation or small business, we have the expertise and commitment to ensure excellence at every stage of your campaign.

What makes GM Direct truly different? Ideally, your printer and mailer would collaborate to ensure efficiencies, quality and compliance with US Postal automation guidelines, which is key. With GM Direct, you get it all – printing expertise from The Ink Spot and lettershop excellence from Global Mail Management.

Executive Staff

Co-Founder/ President - Karen Dixson

Vice President - Jay Dixson

Vice President Operations - Joey Dixson


We're not just a direct mail vendor—we're GM Direct Marketing, your direct mail partner..

-Joey Dixson Vice President
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